Hey Warriors!

The previous weekend we had the first competition of the season (and for many their first ever VEX competition). Competitions, regardless of your bot's performance, never fail to provide invaluable hands-on experience, debugging and networking opportunities for both your team and the club. Our next competition is on December 17th at St. Catherines (details are on the home page), so changes to your bots have to be made quickly. The competition date always jump-scares everyone.

However, before we start thinking about the next competition, let's take a moment to reflect and congratulate ourselves on the progress that we have made so far.

Out of 74 teams:

4659 E came 65th place
4659 D came 71st place
4659 C came 62nd place
4659 B came 32nd place, made it to semi-finals and qualified for the provincial competition
4659 A came 26th place and made it to the quarter-finals

Don't fret, this is only the first competition and we have many more to go. We have a mandatory meeting at lunch tomorrow (November 29th 2016) to discuss what next steps we need to take.

See you there!

--- IT guy

Monday, November 28, 2016 @ 10:02 PM - Azfaar Q. to Everyone

In the VEX Mississauga Qualifiers at Rick Hansen on February 27, all four of our teams showed excellent performances and sportsmanship. Despite tough opponents, 4659A finished as a semi-finalist while 4659B and 4659D both ended up as quarter-finalists. 4659D also won the energy award with their enthusiastic cheering throughout the competition.

4659B & 4659D in a quarter final match

4659B & 4659D

Even though, 4659E did not achieve the goals they set out, it was a memorable experience for all of them. They showed extraordinary determination and cooperation regardless of the heavy losses earlier in the day. They attempted to fix many problems without deterrence throughout the day. Their hard work paid off when in the last qualification match, they were able to help their alliance win the match.

4659E Working on Their Robot


The Mississauga VRC Qualifiers also concluded our four regional VEX competitions this season. We have received an outstanding amount of awards this season. It is worth mentioning the accomplishments of 4659B and 4659D were beyond what any were expecting, including themselves. Both of them are qualified for Ontario Provincial Championship in addition to 4659A. It will be the first time, Warrior Robotix has more than one team participating in a provincial competition.

4659A Shooting a Ball


We are looking forward to the Ontario Provincial Championship on the upcoming Saturday, March 5, which will qualify tournament finalists and certain award winners to VEX Worlds 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sunday, February 28, 2016 @ 2:40 PM - to Everyone

This year Warrior Robotix has submitted five submissions to REC Online Challenges. Our club members have put in a lot of hard work and effort into each one of our submissions. If you like our submissions, please support us by voting for our submissions at challenges.robotevents.com.

Helical Gear Set - Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge, Sponsored by Autodesk ®

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the teeth of VEX spur gears to break under high loads. Even the high strength gears have been known to crack under pressure.

With our new gear set, teams will be able to build gearboxes that can handle heavier loads than ever before. Our new gear set contains helical gears. Helical gears have slanted teeth.

This key feature gives helical gears many advantages over spur gears:

  • Helical gears have higher torque capacity than spur gears
  • Helical gears have less vibration that spur gears
  • Helical gears can transfer power between non parallel shafts

It is no wonder that helical gears are the ideal choice in industry applications.

Submission Link

Helical Gear Set

Improved Linear Actuator - Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge, Sponsored by Autodesk ®

A linear actuator provides movement in a straight line. This mechanism offers unlimited possibilities in robotics engineering.

With the addition of two simple parts, students can easily make powerful and versatile linear actuators. Our linear actuator design offers an enormous amount of torque and can be simply modified for many different sizes and situations. The new parts integrate well with the VEX Robotics Inventory.

Submission Link

Improved Linear Actuator

How To Effectively Plan Out Your VEX Robot - RECF STEM Educational Video

This video is jam-packed with facts and clear descriptions on how to plan out a VEX robot. Included in this video is the following:

  • 5 steps on planning out a succesful robot
  • Detailed explanation on the 5 steps to give you a clear idea of what to do

Submission Link

How To Effectively Plan Out Your VEX Robot

Collaboration - VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

In this photograph you will see team members effectively collabortating on their robot.

Submission Link


4659 Warrior Robotix Website (The website you are browsing right now) - EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

At Warrior Robotix, we believe in doing everything by ourselves, that is why we built the website from ground up using Ruby On Rails, HTML, SASS, and Javascript. We applied modern web design principles to let the user get the best experience possible. With minimal clutter, and simple navigation, users can find their way around the website effortlessly. We incorporated Google's material design framework to ensure that the website is compatible with all different platforms, from phones to tablets to laptops and desktops. The website has been developed to be fully dynamic, so that admins can easily update the content without having to touch the code. There are also many internal features accessible to only club members, such as attendance, posts, polls, and much more. Members can easily keep track of their own attendance, and stay up to date with all the latest news, and updates. There are also many admin features that allow us to keep track of members, and stay in contact with them. We hope that the website pleases our viewers and allows them to learn more about our club and how we demonstrate STEM education.

Submission Link

4659 Warrior Robotix Website

Saturday, January 16, 2016 @ 4:17 PM - to Everyone

Used for all engineering projects and is actively practised in the real world (jobs).

If implemented correctly, projects will become successful and if not, it is easier to backtrack on what went wrong where and why.

Know that each team will receive an engineering notebook to record ideas, designs and numerical data.

The process consists of 3 sections:

  • Identify
  • Implement
  • Test

1. Define the problem (know the challenge, parts of field and competition rules)
2. Explore the problem (list out your objectives and prioritize goals)
3. Specify details AKA research (determine constraints, pay attention to measurements and analyze details)

1. Brainstorm designs (must be feasible and don’t have to be completely unique, quantity over quality)
2. Prototype concepts (separate actuators can be built individually and tested)
3. Choose finalized concept (based on prototype results, usually based on components from multiple ideas)
4. Refine design (accurate models should be virtually built through computer software with measurements that fall within competition specifications)

1. Present design (inform whole group on design, gain feedback on areas of concern or improvement)
2. Build the project (the real building of the robot)
3. Test it out (practise matches against other fellow teams)
4. Reflect and Reiterate (observe other teams’ robots and improve upon yours, develop match strategies and if things did not work out then reflect on what went wrong and fix it)

It is not guaranteed that all teams who follow this process will produce an amazing robot, but the whole concept is geared towards teaching a mindset where all the steps are clearly laid out so errors and problems can be easily and quickly mended.

Sunday, January 10, 2016 @ 12:34 PM - to Everyone
  • Be Professional Try your best not to be over emotional whether that be excitement or disappointment- stay as calm as possible, nobody likes people like that in competitions as it is rude and disruptive

  • Co-operate Your team has about 15 people, make use of all of them. Send scouts to look at teams, people to stay at the pit and work/repair, programmers and the driver(s) constantly testing and people to watch other matches and to know the schedule

  • Enthusiasm Try and show school/team spirit, when other Warrior Robotix teams have matches do either the school chant “P-C-PCS-PCSS- Gooooo Warriors” or “46-59-GOOOOO WARRRIORRRS!” this impresses judges and we can win an award for that so that’s always nice

  • Sportsmanship ALWAYS BE NICE TO YOUR OPPONENTS. It cannot be made any clearer. Other teams don’t want to pick jerks for their alliance dothat and you probably won’t get picked. Judges also look at teams with bad sportsmanship with a bad attitude.

  • Be Positive Even if your team is doing bad, being negative and unsupportive of your teammates and blaming each other WILL lead to further disaster

  • You may not be in the top 8 when picking an alliance, this is okay as if you do well enough other teams may pick you

  • Even if you don’t win the finals you still qualify for the next competition if you make it to the semi-finals

  • Chances for all teams to do extremely well are not high as there are a lot of teams coming to compete and the competitiveness for this is extremely high (potentially the most competitive competition we’ve seen). With that being said, its important for teams do perform their best even if they don’t do as well as they wish, there is always another competition either this season or next to improve on and a reputation for your team can be made for future competitions

  • Take each loss and each victory lightly and always watch to see if any improvements can be done

  • Bring extra Equipment laptop with VEXnet, parts and tools to make micro-fixes or some retrofitting

Saturday, December 26, 2015 @ 10:06 PM - to Everyone

Step 1: Approach the alliances and introduce yourself and your team and name number.
Step 2: Make sure to talk to the coach of your alliance.
Step 3: Be friendly, and respect the other team's decisions and ideas.
Step 4: Talk about own team's robot; its strengths, weaknesses, etc.
Step 5: Ask about alliances' robot and their strengths, weaknesses, etc.
Step 6: Make sure to give your alliances a turn to speak.
Step 7: Discuss game strategy upon talking about robots (who is going to play offensively/defensively).
Step 8: Inspect their robot, give them compliments about it.
Step 9: Bring your alliances to your own group table and present your robot to them.
Step 10: Make sure to have your team's coach chat with the coaches of alliances.
Step 11: Thank the other team for their time, and make sure to wish them luck in their upcoming games.

You have successfully communicated with your allies and have showcased your professionalism. However, after the game, make sure to:

  • If you and your alliances win; tell them you had pleasure playing with them, that it was a great match and wish them luck again.

  • If you and your alliances lose; tell them it was a great/close game, wish them luck in their upcoming matches.

Saturday, December 26, 2015 @ 10:00 PM - to Everyone

Hey Guys!

Zebra Robotics is accepting volunteers from our club to mentor their FLL teams! If you're in grade 9 or 10, and interested, email us your full name and email. This is first come first serve, and we need to now before 5:00PM tomorrow.

They meet up on the following days (you won't be expected to attend all of them):

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-7.30 PM
Friday, 7.30 – 8 PM
Saturday, 12.30 – 2 PM

The address and other info can be found here:

PS: Don't worry grade 11s and 12s! They want volunteers for their VEX classes in January, but we'll post the details when we get them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 @ 6:19 PM - to Everyone

Here are the links to the power points that we went over today. If anyone wants to look over them or study from them please help yourself:

Drive Systems


Tuesday, September 22, 2015 @ 6:55 PM - to Everyone