In the VEX Mississauga Qualifiers at Rick Hansen on February 27, all four of our teams showed excellent performances and sportsmanship. Despite tough opponents, 4659A finished as a semi-finalist while 4659B and 4659D both ended up as quarter-finalists. 4659D also won the energy award with their enthusiastic cheering throughout the competition.

4659B & 4659D in a quarter final match

4659B & 4659D

Even though, 4659E did not achieve the goals they set out, it was a memorable experience for all of them. They showed extraordinary determination and cooperation regardless of the heavy losses earlier in the day. They attempted to fix many problems without deterrence throughout the day. Their hard work paid off when in the last qualification match, they were able to help their alliance win the match.

4659E Working on Their Robot


The Mississauga VRC Qualifiers also concluded our four regional VEX competitions this season. We have received an outstanding amount of awards this season. It is worth mentioning the accomplishments of 4659B and 4659D were beyond what any were expecting, including themselves. Both of them are qualified for Ontario Provincial Championship in addition to 4659A. It will be the first time, Warrior Robotix has more than one team participating in a provincial competition.

4659A Shooting a Ball


We are looking forward to the Ontario Provincial Championship on the upcoming Saturday, March 5, which will qualify tournament finalists and certain award winners to VEX Worlds 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sunday, February 28, 2016 @ 2:40 PM - to Everyone

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