Hey Warriors!

The previous weekend we had the first competition of the season (and for many their first ever VEX competition). Competitions, regardless of your bot's performance, never fail to provide invaluable hands-on experience, debugging and networking opportunities for both your team and the club. Our next competition is on December 17th at St. Catherines (details are on the home page), so changes to your bots have to be made quickly. The competition date always jump-scares everyone.

However, before we start thinking about the next competition, let's take a moment to reflect and congratulate ourselves on the progress that we have made so far.

Out of 74 teams:

4659 E came 65th place
4659 D came 71st place
4659 C came 62nd place
4659 B came 32nd place, made it to semi-finals and qualified for the provincial competition
4659 A came 26th place and made it to the quarter-finals

Don't fret, this is only the first competition and we have many more to go. We have a mandatory meeting at lunch tomorrow (November 29th 2016) to discuss what next steps we need to take.

See you there!

--- IT guy

Monday, November 28, 2016 @ 10:02 PM - Azfaar Q. to Everyone

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